Ghislaine Maxwell’s Husband Sells Home To Cover Her Legal Fees

( – The five-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom Phippen-Smith House, located at 301 Summer St. in Manchester, Massachusetts, has colonial origins and ocean views, according to its real estate listing. Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted human trafficker of underage girls who now resides 1,300 miles to the south in a federal prison in Tallahassee, Florida, formerly called it her home.

The $6.95 million house’s sale proceeds may be used to settle Maxwell’s legal fees.

That is in accordance with a deal Maxwell’s husband, Scott Borgerson, reached in September with Maxwell’s long-standing legal counsel, Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman.
Maxwell allegedly owes the Denver firm more than $880,000 for the firm’s assistance in defending her in her New York trafficking trial last year, according to the Denver firm.

In the end, Maxwell was found guilty on five counts related to recruiting and preparing girls for abuse by Maxwell’s former boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell allegedly took part in the abuse herself at least once, according to the prosecution.

The company initially sued Maxwell, Borgerson, and Maxwell’s brother Kevin.
The case against Borgerson was dismissed, but a September agreement that was inadvertently incorporated into one of the firm’s filings reveals that Borgerson consented that if the firm were unable to recover the money owed from either Ghislaine or Kevin Maxwell, the proceeds from the sale of Phippen House would be used to pay the debt.

Ghislaine Maxwell was given a 20-year prison term in June and now resides at the low-security FCI Tallahassee.

Her current situation is very different from Maxwell’s former lifestyle, which involved partying with royalty and celebrities and hopping between Epstein’s mansions in Palm Beach, Manhattan, and the Virgin Islands.

According to the lawsuit filed by the law firm, Maxwell wed Borgerson in 2015, several years after her romance with Epstein ended.

The complaint claims that Borgerson used Maxwell’s money to purchase several upscale properties, including the 156-acre estate in New Hampshire and the Phippen-Smith House in Manchester, where Maxwell was detained in July 2020, about a year after Epstein was jailed.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Phippen-Smith House was listed for $7.8 million in April but lowered to $6.95 million in August. The house boasts original floorboards and fireplaces combined with modern flourishes like a Tesla charging station.

According to town records, its assessed value is $3,603,500.

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