Giant Recall Issued From Walmart

( — On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration reported that Kawasho Foods USA, Inc. has announced a voluntary recall on a single lot of its 4-ounce GEISHA medium shrimp cans from retail stores in the Western US due to the likelihood that the food is under-processed.

The product will be removed from the shelves at Albertsons, Associated Food Stores, Safeway, and Walmart stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Utah.

In the joint press release with the FDA, the New York City-based Kawasho Foods said the cans in the lot recalled could possibly contain “spoilage organisms or pathogens.” The tainted cans will possibly show evidence of “swelling, leaking, or bursting.”

The lot code for the recalled cans is LGC12W12E22 with a sell-by date of May 12, 2026. This code appears on the bottom of the can, according to the announcement.

Kawasho Foods advises customers not to use any product with the lot code even if the contents do not appear spoiled or have a bad smell. Instead, customers are advised to return the product to their retailer for a refund.

Kawasho Foods said there have been no reports of adverse consequences or illness in connection with the lot.

The recall from Kawasho Foods comes just a week after popular “sip and stash” water bottles from Bindle were voluntarily recalled after Consumer Reports researchers found that the lower food compartment contained high levels of lead.

In early February, Consumer Reports tested the sealing solder inside the Bindle bottle’s dry storage compartment and found over one thousand times the amount of lead allowed in food-safe consumer products.

The company issued a voluntary recall notice informing customers not to use the bottom storage compartment until receiving the free repair kit to cover the exposed lead solder.

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