Google Employees Caught Spying On Users, And They’re Getting Fired

( A shocking new report just revealed how dozens of employees at Google were fired over recent years over abuse of the company’s tools and data. A spokesperson confirmed the firings to The Hill last week, describing how most of the firings occurred after employees misused sensitive Google corporate information and IP.

The Google spokesperson insisted that employees are limited in the data they can see and review and that there are systems in place to ensure that sensitive user data cannot be unlocked by all employees.

The firings because public knowledge after a report by Motherboard, which referred to an internal document that revealed how employees accessed user and employee data. It means that an untold number of people have had their personal information, stored on their various Google accounts, accessed by employees.

In 2018, Google fired 18 employees for abusing the system and terminated a further 26 in 2019. Then, in 2020, 36 employees were fired for similar security-related reasons.

The Google spokesperson said that the number of people violating the rules remains “consistently low,” and that all employees receive annual training to ensure that they understand the rules. Google also investigates every allegation, the spokesperson added, and that any violation is met with corrective action “up to and including termination.”

That means violations are likely to have occurred in Google, whereby employees may have accessed data that they shouldn’t, and were met with other “corrective action” that did not involve firing.

The spokesperson added that Google is “transparent” in providing data about investigations into their employees and that they have “strict processes” in place to ensure that users don’t need to worry about their personal information being accessed.

…do you trust them?