Google Gives “Green Light” On YouTube Channel Targeting Children With Extreme Content

( Amaze Org is a predatory YouTube channel that boasts about its age-appropriate entertainment for the current digital generation of kids. It has over 220,000 followers and over 60 million views on its free videos.

Why does YouTube let this group preach its sexual agenda to kids? YouTubes content policy clearly states videos targeted at young minors and families, but including sexual themes, violence, vulgar content, or other mature subjects unsuitable for young viewers is prohibited.

On its about page, Amaze Org says its mission is “to give medically accurate, age-appropriate, affirming, and honest sex education directly online to young adolescents worldwide.”

They also provide school, parent, and “ally” curricula.

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat all host their videos. A few themes covered are gender identity, sexuality, abortion; puberty; masturbation; and more. It’s all explicit and not for kids.

At first sight, these animated videos look like any other cartoon a child may see on TV. They have vibrant colors, amusing characters (such as a fluffy purple monster), animated kids, and compelling narrators. But under the innocent facade, they teach kids that watching porn is normal since “lots of people do it, and it’s free!”

The 1- to 3-minute videos deliver a powerful message. They don’t hold back and engage in themes far beyond their professed target demographic.

According to their video, there is “no limit” to how many times a person can masturbate in one day, and some people desire to do it all day, which is typical during adolescence.

Surrogacy is one of the ways queer couples might obtain a baby.

In one video, a purple monster guides viewers through the process of abortion. The monster believes abortion is okay if the “pregnant person” wants it. He also cites reasons for getting an abortion, such as not wanting a baby, having too many kids, or something wrong with the baby.

“Gentle suction” depicts the vacuum that draws the infant out of the womb. You can get an abortion even if you’re underage in several states if you go to a judge.

A life-saving crisis pregnancy center is described as “fake clinics that exist primarily to attempt and talk a person out of an abortion” in the film. To avoid being duped into receiving help from a “fake” clinic, it advises young people to investigate the facility thoroughly they intend to visit.

This is only the beginning. The group now offers Amaze Jr. for toddlers on its YouTube account, containing over 200 films.

Instead of safeguarding minors from pornographic films, YouTube appears to be banning and silencing conservative content. They censored PragerU’s educational films in 2016 and took down footage from the Conservative Political Action Conference in March 2022. It took Sen. Rand Paul seven days to release another video after he questioned the science of masks in 2021.

In this twisted and perverse world, it is more important than ever to keep an eye on your children. These films may appear benign, but they quickly poison this generation’s minds.