Google Shopping Ads for eCommerce

( Google ads optimization and PPC (pay per click) advertising are two of the most important, fundamental elements in any online marketing strategy. It allows businesses all over the world to target potential new customers with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring maximum results for minimum spend and raising brand awareness in the process.

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Unfamiliar with Google Shopping ads, eCommerce, and PPC? They’re actually quite simple…once you understand them! These are advertisements that appear on Google search pages, displaying your products to people who actively search for keywords relating to what you offer.

Google Shopping ads are doing extremely well for Google, and for the businesses advertising with Google. In 2019, Google Shopping ads grew by 29% year-on-year while paid search ads grew by 13%.

Any company that offers products online which are easily definable and which can have several clear keywords attributed to those products can benefit from Google shopping ads. They’re effective because they target people who are already searching for a product that you offer, and while you may still be up against some competition, strategic Google Shopping campaigns can give you the best shot at winning over those potential customers searching for your products.

What Are the Differences Between Google Search Display and Shopping Ads?

There is, of course, a difference between regular search results and Google Shopping ads. If your company sells sneakers and potential customers searches “sneakers” on Google, they will be presented with Google Shopping results and ads at the top of the page, and then a list of websites beneath those ads.

The list of websites is determined by algorithms that determine which sites are most useful and relevant to searchers. At the top, Google Shopping displays products that are most relevant along with their price and the shop that sells them. Strategically placed ads from your company can also appear, giving people quick access to the products they want.

Getting Started with Google Shopping

Interested? Getting started with your Google Shopping eCommerce strategy starts with registering your company with Google and setting up your profile.

Create Your Google Merchant Account

To create a Google Merchant account, you’ll find need a Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account registered for your business, you can create one by going to Once it’s complete, go to and sign in with the account you just created.

At this point, you will be asked to input some information about your business. Enter your company’s name, your shop’s name, and the country you are registered in and you’ll be ready to go!

How to Add Products to Google Shopping Using Shopify

If you’ve already got your eCommerce platform up and running, you may be glad to learn of the Google Shopping ads Shopify support. You can easily integrate your store with Google Shopping using the Google Shopping integration app. Add the app and follow the instructions to create a customized product feed.

You can edit each product, filtering by category and identifiers and adjusting targets and specifications for each one of those products. You’ll be asked to enter the title for your product, the description and specifications, and the images you want to be displayed when people search for products like yours.

How to Add Products to Google Shopping Using BigCommerce

BigCommerce is compatible with Google Shopping, too, and the experience is just as seamless. The Google Shopping by Sales and Orders app helps you combine the platform with your eCommerce business, and it will automatically generate your product feed.

The platform syncs perfectly with your account and you’ll be presented with the same category and identifier filters that help your choose from the products you have available and get them ready to appear on public searches.

How to Create a Product Feed in WooCommerce

To create a Google Merchant feed with your WooCommerce setup, you first need to install a plugin. There are several options for this, and you’ll find them by searching the WordPress plugin section.

Once you find a plugin that works for you, activate it and then find the product feed page. You’ll find all the same options which allow you to define products with images, categories, descriptions, and more – but there are a few more steps.

Import Product Feed to Google Merchant

After generating a new feed using the plugin, you now need to import your product feed. In the plugin, follow the instructions for connecting to your Merchant account. Choose the “Scheduled Fetch” option, and then copy and paste your feed URL into the “File URL” field in the plugin.

Link Your Google Merchant Center and Your Google Ads Account

Your next and final step will link the two accounts. For Google Shopping setup. All you need to do is go the setup page in the plugin for Google Shopping and click “Link your account,” though these options may be worded differently depending on the plugin you use.

Follow the instructions in the next few pages until it generates a link request. Then, go to your Google Ads dashboard and confirm that link request by clicking “Approve.” Then you’re done!

Make the Most of Your Google Shopping Campaign

Now you’re ready to make the most of the PPC for eCommerce store options, and your Google Shopping campaign. A simple rule to follow is asking yourself, “Does this look like an ad I want to click?”

You should consider titles, descriptions, images, and categories.

Pick the Right Categories

In Google Shopping, there are more than 6,000 categories. These help you ensure your ad reaches the right people and that your product is displayed to people interested in that very specific category.

So be as specific as you can! Follow the links and narrow it down as far as you can without cutting off too broad an audience.

Pick the Right Product Images

Your images need to immediately “wow!” a person. Look at some of the other images used online to get a feel for what works, but you should always choose one that displays your product in the best possible light.

Use a good camera and display it in a way that people might use it. If it’s a piece of clothing, have someone wear it. If it’s a piece of technology, show it being used for something exciting.

Start Building Your Campaign!

You’re ready to get your product out there! Getting it right can be an arduous process, but it’s important. You need to create a new campaign, choose your campaign objective, choose how it will be displayed in the feed, and more. Follow the instructions and you’ll be given the option to choose which products you would like to advertise based on the criteria you already set for those products.

We Create Google Shopping Ads That Deliver Real Results

At Catapult Revenue, we know what it takes to create advertising campaigns that deliver results. We create websites and landing pages that convert visitors into paying customers, and we help you build marketing campaigns that put your product in front of more people than you ever thought possible.

We also offer PPC eCommerce optimization to improve existing campaigns and help your business reach new people every day.

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