GOP Governor Retweets Messages Calling Tucker Carlson A “White Nationalist”

( Gov. Spencer Cox (R-UT) appears to have reacted to a tongue-lashing from Tucker Carlson but in a passive-aggressive manner. He liked a tweet that referred to the Fox News personality as a “white nationalist” that Vladimir Putin admired.
Wednesday, Carlson claimed Utah’s leaders failed to serve its conservative citizens. He also chastised Cox for addressing a teenager with his gender pronouns.
At a Q&A, a girl had a question for the governor. When their chat ended, Cox unctuously remarked that his preferred pronouns are “he, him, and his, and thanked her for sharing her own.
Carlson slammed Cox as a “creepy” lefty, speculating that special interest organizations have infiltrated his mind.
“What a creepy guy,” he said. “Spencer Cox identifies as a male, at least to some limited extent. Cox could’ve cleared up that mystery more quickly simply by declaring, ‘I’m a man.’ Instead, he went full hostage video.”
Carlson wondered what the demand for superfluous pronouns is in Utah. He then compared Cox to a “cheap Gavin Newsom imitator.”
Despite the attack, Cox remained mute.
On Twitter, though, Utah’s Republican governor appeared to back up the claim that Carlson is a “White nationalist.”
One Twitterati member shared a screenshot of Carlson’s attack and said, “When Putin’s favorite white nationalist dislikes you, you’re probably doing something right.”
The governor also liked the following tweet, in which another person defended him against Carlson:

“I’m a Utah Republican, small business owner, family man, and I Enthusiastically endorse @SpencerJCox! There are many in our state who would much rather have public servants who demonstrate grace and dignity. #utpol”

In his uber-conservative state, Cox, a Republican in the mold of Mitt Romney, vetoed legislation prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in high school athletic activities.

Cox feels that anyone connected with the transgender community knows how beautiful they are and how tough their lives can be, and he doesn’t want to make things any more difficult for them than they already are.

This is why Carlson called him a lefty.