GOP Governor Slams CNN Reporter For Going On Long Rant

( Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, already a favorite among populist Republicans for 2024, slammed CNN’s Rosa Flores during An interview aired on CNN on Monday. And it made for incredible viewing.

As CNN bemoaned the “slow vaccine rollout” in California – classic CNN spin – Flores questioned DeSantis about the state’s vaccine rollout. As Flores tried to lecture DeSantis during a live feed, DeSantis asked if she planned to make a speech or actually ask a question.

With CNN, we know the answer is always “make a speech.”

Flores asked a question and began lecturing DeSantis, and as she kept trying to continue, DeSantis pressed her and asked why she thought she should have more time and a chance to ask more questions than every other reporter out there.

Watch for yourself, and see why left-wing radicals and Democrats are complaining and calling him “insecure.”

Insecure? That looks like leadership to us.

Flores implied that DeSantis had failed in rolling out the vaccine by referencing the “big lines” outside of hospitals, to which DeSantis responded by explaining how hospitals told local communities that they would administer the vaccine on a first-come-first-serve basis.

It means that the lines formed naturally as people attended hospitals in the hope they might receive a vaccine – and not because the rollout was inefficient.

Do you expect any less of CNN?

At the end of the segment, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer praised Flores for pushing so hard and said that DeSantis should have answered her questions and been more patient with her. But if you watch the clip, you’ll see he did answer her questions.

What CNN didn’t like is that DeSantis didn’t indulge her when she tried to lecture him and make a speech.

Could this be the guy to take the White House in 2024, if President Donald Trump decides to sit it out?