GOP Rep Mace Says Nancy Pelosi Has Been Compromised As China Asset

( During an interview on “Fox Business Tonight” on Friday, Republican Rep, Nancy Mace of South Carolina suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could have been compromised by China.

Already being arguably the most partisan Speaker in American political history, it would be quite incredible if Pelosi was also compromised by Chinese communists…but these days, things like that aren’t so shocking.

Rep. Mace argued that the United States is being threatened by China and that President Joe Biden should be doing more than just giving them a “verbal slap on the wrist.” She also accused Pelosi of “Playing defense attorney” to China over the origins of COVID-19.

You can watch the interview here:

Let’s not forget that while President Donald Trump was calling out the Chinese Communist Party for allowing the COVID-19 virus to escape the country and potentially destroy most global economies and kill millions of people, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was out on the streets of San Francisco’s China Town telling people to come out and enjoy themselves.

Mace added that the response from the State Department was essentially a promise to “take notes” and not take action. She said it reminded her of Biden’s performance at the G7 summit last month when he gave China a verbal slap on the wrist.

If Pelosi is compromised by China, as Mace appears to have been suggesting in her criticism of Pelosi playing defense attorney, then what might they have?