Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Business Deals Under Investigation

( — State Senators in Michigan have announced an investigation into the activities of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Senators Lana Theis, Ed McBroom, Joe Bellino, Dan Lauwers, and Kevin Daley wrote to the federal government asking for assistance in probing Gotion, a battery-making company Whitmer recently struck a deal with to build a plant in Michigan.

The lawmakers issued a statement on April 18th that read, “We are writing to urge you to use all federal resources available to immediately investigate whether Gotion High-tech Co., Ltd., as registered on the Swiss Stock Exchange, has ties or contracts with foreign countries that have an adversarial relationship with the United States of America.”

In addition, the statement claims that the business deal was struck in secrecy and with a lack of oversight.

The plan to approve the construction of a new plant by Gotion passed the Democrat-dominated Senate Appropriations Committee on April 20th. The state will pay Gotion $175 million to start developing the plant site, and $800 million has been promised overall.

Gotion was founded in Hefei, China, in 2006. Staunch Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ally Li Zhen heads the company.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon has spoken out against Governor Whitmer’s deal with Gotion and said, “The bottom line on this deal is that Gretchen Whitmer is using Michigan taxpayers’ hard-earned money to line the pockets of a communist-party-tied Chinese billionaire.” She added that natives of Michigan are denied business opportunities because the Democrat administration strangles them in regulation and gives public money to foreign entities – even those that are hostile to America.

In addition to alleged CCP links, Gotion also denied any connection to the Taliban at a meeting in Mecosta County in mid-April. Gotion North America Vice President Chuck Thelen said a company called Gochin is engaged with the Taliban and added, “I just want to state that this company is no part of Gotion High Tech, nor is it associated with any of our affiliates.”

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