Greg Gutfeld Rips CDC For Misleading Headlines

( It’s easy to assume at this point that government officials and the Centers for Disease Control are blatantly lying about the COVID-19 pandemic, but it might not be that simple. According to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, the CDC is guilty of exaggerating the risk of spreading the virus by manipulating language in a way that makes their false statements…technically correct.

Gutfeld pointed out during an episode of “The Five” that when the CDC says that the transmission of the virus outdoors was “less than 10%,” they are technically being honest, because “0.1% is less than 10%.”

See how that works?

“That’s how sleazy these people were. They manipulated the language so that as Juan could say, they weren’t lying at all,” he said.


The Fox News host also argued that because the CDC was exaggerating the risk of the spread of the virus outdoors – presumably in an effort to keep people wearing masks for as long as possible – they were actually dividing the country into two camps and causing deep division in society.

“Remember, if you wear a mask, you are a patriot. But if you don’t, you are a neanderthal. You probably are one of those extreme far right and far white trumpists,” Gutfeld said. “It was just another method, the mask was another political method to create some false polarization that helps, you know, anchors at CNN pay for their second mortgage.”

Gutfeld also reminded viewers that the CDC once lied about the effectiveness of masks.

You might remember during the early days of the pandemic how Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC told people not to wear masks, only to change their minds once masks became more widely available. Gutfeld explained how that lie was told to stop a run on masks which might have prevented medical staff from having access to a sufficient number of them.

“Although it did create a run on toilet paper,” he added.

That part might have been a joke but, just like the CDC’s language trickery, it was also true. Thank goodness those days are over…