Grocery Store Clerk Fired After He Was Assaulted Multiple Times

( — A grocery store worker was fired after he was physically and violently assaulted multiple times, according to The Daily Wire. Austin Sherrell worked at a Vons supermarket in Bakersfield, California where he was almost killed. After the third incident, he tried to get worker’s compensation but was subsequently fired.

Sherrell’s duties included bagging customers’ groceries, collecting and organizing the shopping carts, and throwing away the trash. His rapport with customers was allegedly cordial as well. Sherrell told KGET that he always heard from patrons that they liked him. But that did not stop a few attacks.

The first attack came at the beginning of the year. He was reportedly taking out the trash when two thieves who were coming out of the side door of the supermarket spotted him and approached him. One of them punched him in the face and the other pepper-sprayed him. After he managed to run back inside, the thieves escaped before the police arrived.

The second assault occurred as Sherrell was once again taking out the trash. A man attacked him with a knife and stabbed him, but Sherrell was saved by extra bags he had stuffed in his apron, which shielded him from being exposed to the blade. The police again did not make it on time and the suspect got away. But that was the incident that allegedly shook Sherrell up the most and, according to his father who set up a GoFundMe, has left him with nightmares and panic attacks.

The third attack came after two female customers told Sherrell that a man was harassing them. After the man got too close to Sherrell, he pushed the man away. Shortly after that incident, his hours were cut and then he was fired altogether for putting his hands on someone.

Sherrell describes himself as “mildly autistic” because he has a “hard time processing things.” He says that he does not want to work for the supermarket anymore but thanks the customers who were friendly to him.

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