Groundbreaking Poll Reveals Americans More Concerned With Taliban And Cuomo Than Infrastructure

( Things are looking bad for President Joe Biden and the Democrats. Biden presumably thought that America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan would go much more smoothly than it did and that it would be a chance to celebrate as the nation marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

But that’s not happening, and the polls show that the American people aren’t going to forget this disaster any time soon.

Instead of thinking about Biden and the Democrats’ plans to pass the “bipartisan” $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the American people are thinking about the thousands of Americans who are stuck in Afghanistan, and the fact that Biden effectively gifted millions of dollars of American military equipment to the Taliban.

According to a survey by Morning consult, American voters are more likely to have heard about the Taliban and various other scandals than they have the infrastructure bill. The poll was taken just before the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan, but as the Jihadist group was making clear gains in the country.

It found that voters were 15 points more likely to have read and heard “a lot” about the scandal involving Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo than they are the infrastructure package. Some 49% of respondents had heard a lot about the Cuomo scandal, but only 34% had heard a lot about the infrastructure bill.

And even though the poll was taken during the weekend before the Taliban officially gained control of Afghanistan, it still found that 36% of voters had heard a lot about the issue.

It shows that Americans really aren’t focused on this so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure package right now. It also revealed that Republicans were more likely to have heard a lot about the Taliban, with 40% of Republicans saying so compared to 34% of Democrats.

The Democrats’ massive $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package was even less heard about, with just 27% of respondents saying they had heard a lot about it.

It’s bad news for Democrats who want to pass Biden off as a competent president, but potentially good news for Democrats looking to sneak the $3.5 trillion package in through the back door…