Harvard Poll Shows Kamala Harris Has Collapsed In Polls

(PatriotWise.com)- President Joe Biden admitted long ago that he is a “transition” president, and it’s fairly obvious that the Democrats are pushing for Vice President Kamala Harris to be his replacement.

But the American public doesn’t see things the same way as the Biden administration.

The results of a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll reveal that the majority of Americans don’t believe the vice president is doing a good job on the issues she’s been tasked with handling.

Some 2,006 registered voters were asked whether they think Harris is doing a good, adequate, or bad job of tackling the “root causes” of the southern border crisis. The poll found that 44% believe she has done a “bad job.”

But don’t go thinking that means the American public believes she is doing a good job. The poll found that 26% believe she is doing an “adequate” job, and only 30% believe she is doing a “good job.” It means that millions of Americans are indifferent at best and that even a large section of Democrat voters don’t think she is doing a particularly good job.

Harris visited the southern border of the United States last week, but by going to El Paso, she was 700 miles away from the epicenter of the crisis. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want the cameras to see the huge numbers of illegal migrants being held in facilities the Democrats called “camps” and “cages” during the Trump administration…

The recent poll found that a large majority – some 68% – believe that President Joe Biden’s executive actions encouraged illegal immigration, and only 32% believe that his policies don’t encourage it.

Again, it means a significant chunk of Democrat voters think that Joe Biden is wrong to reverse Trump-era immigration policies that discouraged people illegally crossing the border.

Specifically, more than 55% of registered voters said that President Biden should have left Trump policies in place that made it more difficult for illegal aliens to come into the country.

…what are the chances that President Biden is willing to listen?