Health Minister Admits Mandates Are About Coercion

( Not since Barack Obama was caught on a hot mic telling Russia’s president that he would have “more flexibility” after the 2012 President election, has a public official made such a grievous error as to say the quiet part out loud while in recording distance of a microphone.

Before the start of Israel’s weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday, Israel’s Health Minister, Nitzan Horowitz, unaware that his words were being broadcast live on Channel 12, blurted out the truth about Israel’s vaccine passport policy.

It’s all about pressuring the vaccine hesitant into getting the COVID vaccine.

The video is in Hebrew, but here it is:

According to Jewish News Syndicate, Horowitz, speaking with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, said that imposing these “green pass” (vaccine passport) rules “is needed only to pressure members of the public to get vaccinated.”

More surprisingly, Horowitz told Shaked that the “green pass” is “not for medical reasons.”

He goes on to explain that requiring these passports has no basis in epidemiology. Horowitz tells Shaked that “our problem” is the people who won’t get vaccinated. So passports are the way to solve that problem by influencing them to do so. Otherwise “we will never get out of this” pandemic.

Currently Israel’s “green pass” policy exempts certain public venues. To avoid questions as to why, Horowitz suggested that these vaccine passports be required uniformly across the board.

What Horowitz cannot provide, however, is a “medical justification” for the implementation of the “green pass.” But, to his mind, it is the only way to get the vaccine hesitant to agree to getting vaccinated.

Horowitz and Shaked were then joined by Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern who expressed his disgust with the unvaccinated, telling Horowitz that it was annoying how the unvaccinated were taking up hospital beds.

Once the meeting got underway, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, taking a page from the divisive Joe Biden, told his Cabinet that tolerance for those who will not get vaccinated has ended.

When Israel initially implemented its “green pass” system, it was rarely enforced. In late May, with case numbers dropping, the system was scrapped entirely. But when Israel’s COVID cases began rising later in the summer, they reintroduced and expanded the “green pass” system.