Helicopter Rescue Launched In The Mountains

(PatriotWise.com) — After a migrant woman was discovered to be in distress in the Huachuca Mountains, a helicopter rescue was underway by Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents and CBP Air, according to Breitbart News. A photo was shared by CBP AMO showing the agents hoisting the semi-conscious woman onto the helicopter before transporting her to a medical facility to assess her injuries and state of mind.

Border Patrol agents issued a warning to migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border a week ago highlighting the risks that they face as they are led by human smugglers. Chief Patrol Agent John R. Modlin cautioned migrants of high temperatures and limited cell phone service while crossing the desert.

Those who are crossing Lukeville, Arizona will reportedly experience a five-day foot march of 101 miles before they reach Interstate 8. The video also records the increasing number of deaths as temperatures continue to rise.

Since November 2020 when former President Donald Trump lost to Biden, the number of migrants apprehended at the border and released into the interior of the United States has continued to increase. In March, Tucson agents apprehended 34,000 migrants, a 25 percent markup from the last year and just behind the 40,000 apprehensions at the El Paso Sector.

As summer approaches and conditions get worse, family units are also reportedly crossing at a rate of 505 percent higher. While over 2 million illegal immigrants have been released into the country since 2021, 16,000 migrants were reported as got aways in March. In a six-month period, 96,000 migrants were reported as got aways.

With the ending of Title 42, used by the Trump administration to expel illegals, Tucscon agents apprehended 146,301 migrants beginning in October 2022, representing a 19 percent markup from the previous year. Adding the apprehensions and got aways brings the total number of border crossers in the sector to 242,000.

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