Hijacker Gets Let Free As City Refuses To Punish Him

(PatriotWise.com)- Is it too presumptuous to speculate that the lead prosecutor, in this case, is not a conservative? Is it equally presumptuous to think she would make a fine democrat choice for SCOTUS one day?

A prosecutor in St. Louis might be a bit soft on crime. When a man attempts to carjack a police vehicle while two officers are inside, and he remains uncharged, you might want to rethink your choice of a public servant at the helm of your judicial system.

The Police Department wanted to charge the 27-year-old carjacker with first-degree robbery, armed criminal action, and resisting arrest. But a spokeswoman for the police explained that the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office wasn’t interested in filing charges, the St. Louis Dispatch reported.

A spokeswoman for Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner said the incident “is under investigation” but wouldn’t explain why no charges were filed.

At 3 a.m., Saturday, police said two police officers responded to a report of shots fired. In a marked police SUV, the officers said a man stepped in front of their car as it was heading down the street. The man went to the passenger-side window and brandished a gun. According to the officers, the man, when he finally realized it was a police vehicle, fled on foot.

The two officers quickly to their radio and provided a description of the perpetrator.

The suspect was tracked down in the parking lot of a restaurant. Police found the gun he was carrying during a pat-down.

“Any suggestion that the evidence provided by SLMPD supports a charge of robbery 1st/carjacking in this incident is an unfortunate and inaccurate characterization,” Gardner said in a statement.

The suspect, Allen Lee Robinson, faces previous charges in the St. Louis area, including domestic assault, violating an order of protection, and first-degree property damage.

It seems strange that a prosecutor wouldn’t press charges in this case when he was charged in others.

Is this prosecutor anti-cop?