Hillary Clinton “Alternative History” Project Shut Down As Hillary Loses Popularity

(PatriotWise.com)-  Hulu, the online streaming service responsible for producing the 2020 documentary titled Hillary, has decided not to make another film based on the life of a former presidential candidate who was unsuccessful.

Rodham, a project based on Curtis Sittenfeld’s best-selling novel of the same name, has been officially canceled by the network. The book imagined an alternate reality in which Hillary Rodham met and dated Bill Clinton at Yale Law School but never married the serial adulterer.

Actors Claire Danes, 43, and Dakota Fanning, 28, had already signed on to play Hillary at various stages of her life. Sarah Treem, who wrote and produced for House of Cards in the past, will be responsible for writing and producing the project, and it is presently being pitched to several other streaming services.

Rodham was released in May of 2020 and depicted a world that has taken an alternate route. It’s the fictitious history of Hillary’s life. Bill tries to dissuade Hillary from marrying him because he has been unfaithful throughout his life. She became a senator representing Illinois in the United States Senate.

The drama came to a head when Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be elected president of the United States in 2016. The first woman president defeats the Republican candidate Jeb Bush after selecting Terry McAuliffe as her running mate.

In this universe, however, Trump exists. He won after defeating the milquetoast “compassionate conservative” (aka democrat-lite) Jeb Bush and beat Hillary in the presidential debates by unflinchingly pointing out her many failings.

If Trump prevailed in 2020, as long as fantasies are being discussed, the country wouldn’t suffer from the failed Biden agenda.

We would have reasonably priced fuel, efficient supply chains, no inflation, peace, and some mean tweets.

Back to reality, where the Biden plan is America last.