Hillary Clinton Claims Putin Would “Man-spread” In Front Of Her

(PatriotWise.com)- Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, was “helpful” in certain prior private interactions, according to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. But she found him to be misogynistic and insulting in other situations.
In a recent interview, the former secretary of state described Putin as quite misogynistic toward her. She claimed that they had some intriguing and beneficial conversations in private, but if the press were there, he would say something derogatory about the United States. She said he would man-spread for impact.
Clinton woman-splained that Putin had a “personal grudge” against her in a 2017 interview with Stephen Colbert but that she didn’t take it personally.
She didn’t take it personally, but curiously, Clinton talks about Putin much more than he does about her. If at all.

She then remarked that it was part of his worldview and connected to his rage, disappointment with the fall of the Soviet Union, and his perception of America as his main adversary.
Hillary Clinton then alleged that it did seem to irritate Putin that she is a woman, and she could see it in his body language.
Sure, it was because she was a woman.
Not because she was irritating.
She concluded the interview by mentioning that New Yorkers have definitely heard of the word “manspreading.” And each time she and Putin would meet, it would be [She gestured that he spread his legs widely].
Regarding the ‘man-spreading,’ I’d like Hillary Clinton to explain what Michelle Obama is doing in the picture from this article.

According to a news publication, Hillary Clinton stated that running for president in 2024 is out of the question and that she plans to back President Joe Biden. She believes he intends to run and to dispute that would be pretty disruptive.

The two-time loser is desperate for another chance to lose again.
She can’t wait to she-spread, and she’ll do it with bells dangling.