Hillary Clinton May Be Trying To Be An Influencer Now

(PatriotWise.com) – Jason Chaffetz, hosting The Big Saturday Show on Fox, aired a clip of Hillary Clinton appearing on Apple+’s Carpool Karaoke along with her constant service dog Chelsea, Vanessa Williams, and a comedian named Amber Ruffin, Singing I Will Survive.

Chaffetz asked, “What will it take for Hillary to finally move on?”

He said, skeptically, that Hillary has ruled out a 2024 presidential run because this performance highlights that she is still not over her failed political aspirations.

“She’s not going away,” he said, addressing the other members of the show’s panel. He noted that we hear Hillary and Gavin Newsome saying all the right things regarding Joe Biden, saying they hope he runs again, but the moment he indicates he is going to bow out, Hillary will pounce.

Harris Faulkner said it’s cute that she’s singing with her girlfriends in the car, but she still has the same political liabilities. She’s not had a huge female base. Women simply do not like her, and neither do men.

Faulkner pointed out that she wrote her memoir on the failed presidency called “What Happened.” Faulkner explained what happened – she didn’t get as many votes as Trump.

She implied that it would be best if Hillary didn’t go down that road of “election denier.”

Tomi Lahren chimed in and said she has a different take on Hillary. She feels she knows she is politically dead in the water and doesn’t want to run in 2024. She wants to be an influencer.

“She’s singing karaoke. She’s hawking hats on Instagram, “ Lahren said.

The problem, according to Lahren, is that we have Hillary fatigue every bit as much as we have Covid fatigue.

“She is the fruitcake at Christmas that will never go away,” said Lahren, “but she realizes she can flip a buck on this.”

The Clintons have never shied away from doing whatever they can to “flip a buck,” including using foundation money for personal enrichment.

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