Hillary Clinton Surrounded By Secret Service Having Lunch with Friends

(PatriotWise.com)- Over the weekend, the UK Daily Mail ran another breathless report on Hillary Clinton being spotted having lunch in Manhattan with a friend.

The Daily Mail runs a story like this every single time Hillary steps foot in New York City. At this point, one can only assume they have on their payroll someone who camps out at the end of Hillary’s driveway waiting for her to leave the house.

Lunch, dinner, a night at a Broadway show – you name it, the UK Daily Mail has a story capturing every moment. And every story is loaded with picture after picture of Hillary walking down the sidewalk, standing on a corner, sitting at a table, leaving a hair salon.

Back in 2019, the Daily Mail ran one of their fawning Hillary spreads to gush about how “youthful” she looked while attending a Broadway event with Bill. But clicking on the pictures, one wonders what the staff at the Daily Mail were smoking. Let’s just say the word “youthful” is not the word that springs to mind.

Now, to be fair, sometimes the Daily Mail isn’t so gushing in their treatment of Hillary. Back in 2018 when Mrs. Clinton ventured out to attend the Memorial Day parade, the Daily Mail couldn’t help but notice that the mysterious bulge on her back had made a reappearance.

What bulge? Well, the bulge the Daily Mail spotted a couple weeks earlier which they suspected was a back brace.

This recent article about Hillary’s latest foray into Manhattan includes gobs of pictures of Hillary eating at what the Daily Mail calls a “posh uptown restaurant.” What other kind of restaurant is Hillary going to dine at? It isn’t as if she’s lining up for a chicken sandwich at the Manhattan Chick-Fil-A.

It even includes a series of “action shots” of Hillary being led to her table by the maitre’d while Secret Service agents follow behind.

Okay, “action shots” is probably a stretch. The only “action shots” of Hillary Clinton usually feature her tumbling down a flight of stairs or crashing like a sack of potatoes before getting tossed into her Scooby van.

The Daily Mail also recapped Hillary’s trip to Northern Ireland last week to be officially installed as chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast.

Now, the pictures from that particular event are worth looking at if for no other reason than the laugh value.