Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Wants To Show Children Illicit Content In Schools

(PatriotWise.com) — Chelsea Clinton has come under fire for apparently promoting a book to children that contains highly graphic adult material. The daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton tweeted an image of a book called “Gender Queer: A Memoir”, by graphic novelist Maia Kobabe. Clinton said banning books like this are “nothing but harmful.”

Clinton suggested that the book and many others of a similar vein have been “banned” in America. This is untrue; campaigners have merely sought to prevent such books from getting into young children’s hands.

The issue prompted several Republican lawmakers, including Ron DeSantis and Henry McMaster, to step in and remove explicit books from schools and libraries – where they can be accessed by the very young.

Proponents of the books say they help kids to understand gender identity and sexuality. However, others say they spread dangerous ideas, including teaching children that they can choose a gender from a long list of available options.

Clinton’s post provoked a furious backlash. One Twitter user reminded her that the books are not, in fact, banned, while another said keeping them out of the hands of children is responsible parenting.

The influence of so-called LGBTQ+ campaigners in schools has accelerated over the last few years, and so has the backlash. In one example, a California kindergarten introduced very young children to “It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity.” The book contains a character called Ruthie. It tells how when Ruthie was born, everyone thought she was a boy, but when she was old enough, she told them she was really a girl.

The book’s introduction somewhat ironically suggests that its content will reduce confusion in children and give them a “fuller understanding of themselves.”

Parents immediately filed complaints with the kindergarten, saying such content is perplexing and entirely inappropriate. A group agreed to pull their kids out of future classes. The school’s principal, Meredith Dolley, staggeringly told parents that the preschool-aged children wanted to discuss gender identity and sexuality.

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