Hollywood Icon Says The Movie Industry Is Dead

(PatriotWise.com) — The former CEO of the Hollywood giant Paramount has said the movie industry is dead and will not come back to life. Barry Diller said the hay day of Hollywood will not return and the Oscars are also in terminal decline. He said the Academy Awards were no longer popular among viewers because there has been a growing disconnect between the movies people like and the ones that win awards. He cited the so-called Riseborough Affair as an example. For the 2023 Oscars, a British actress Andrea Riseborough is nominated for best actress for her performance in a movie that made only around $27,000 in theaters. Diller said nobody knows who this actress is and it is causing audiences to lose interest. “There was a real correlation between popular movies and the giving of blessings on those movies and the people in them. But that disappeared a while ago, and the awards went to movies that nobody watched, nobody went to see,” Diller said.

The racialization of Hollywood and the injection of “woke” ideas are also taking their toll on the US film industry. Celebrities increasingly use the Academy Awards platform to promote left-wing politics and movie themes invariably reflect those same values. Films promoting woke ideas tanked at the Box Office in 2022. For example, Disney’s first children’s film with an LGBTQ character took only $24 million when it opened on Thanksgiving week, despite spending a whopping $180 million on production. A movie described as a “telling off” to Donald Trump also failed spectacularly despite a cast led by Robert De Niro. Amsterdam raised only $6 million in its opening week.

Under new rules, movies will only be nominated for Best Picture if they meet the diversity requirements set down by the Academy Awards. To qualify, at least 30% of a movie’s cast must be from an “underrepresented group” or the film’s subject must concern one of those groups.

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