Hollywood Wants To Change Term “Red Pilled” From Matrix Because Of Right-Wingers

(PatriotWise.com)- One of the screenwriters for the upcoming Matrix movie “The Matrix Resurrections” is so irritated that people on the right have “kidnapped” the term “red pill,” he was determined to “reclaim” it in the latest movie.

In an interview with The Onion’s “The AV Club,” Aleksandar Hemon, along with co-writer David Mitchell, discussed the ways they used the script to get back at those right-wing people for making use of imagery from the previous films.

Hemon said the iconic Red Pill/Blue Pill theme from the Matrix franchise has been turned into a “trope or meme” by the “right-wing.” So in writing the new film, Hemon and Mitchell tried to find a way to “reclaim that trope” by renewing the meaning of Red Pill/Blue Pill.

In the Matrix franchise, to remain in blissful ignorance that the world is phony, someone takes a blue pill. But if someone wants to wake up and break free of the phony world, he takes the red pill.

Several years ago, people on the right began describing waking up from the stupor of the left-controlled media and culture as getting “red-pilled.” Poor Aleksandar Hemon considers that “kidnapping.” The dope.

Co-writer David Mitchell tries to give this petulant “well-oh-yeah” response a patina of seriousness by claiming they were trying to give the script an “ethical edge” and “integrity.”

But Hemon took this self-righteous petulance even further, saying he was “infused with a need to confront some of the things that are taking place in this country.” But he also laughably claims they didn’t start out wanting “to get into arguments with right-wingers.”

When only one side is arguing, it isn’t an argument Aleksander. It’s a tantrum.

Portraying himself as a reluctant culture warrior, David Mitchell added that it was important to push back against how people on the right weaponized the metaphors used in the earlier films. He believed doing so was “empowering.”

Was this a movie script or a writing assignment for group therapy?

Given the dreadful reviews for “Matrix Resurrections,” maybe Hemon and Mitchell should have left their “empowering” anti-right struggle session at home and focused on writing a good script.