Hospital Denies Negligence in Decapitation Death

( — Attorneys representing the Georgia couple whose baby was decapitated during delivery last July announced last Wednesday that the medical examiner had classified the baby’s death as a homicide, the Associated Press reported.

Treveon Taylor Sr. and Jessica Ross last August sued Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale and Dr. Tracey St. Julian, the doctor who performed the delivery of their son Treveon Taylor Jr., alleging that St. Julian used too much force, decapitating the baby.

Both Dr. St. Julian and Southern Regional have denied wrongdoing in the case.

The parents accused Dr. St. Julian of delaying a surgical procedure after the baby got stuck. Instead, she used “ridiculously excessive force” on the head and neck to deliver the child, according to their attorney, Roderick Edmond, who is also a doctor.

At a press conference last Wednesday, the parents’ attorneys said the Clayton County Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was a broken neck and blamed it on human action.

Edmond told reporters last Wednesday that no “reasonably competent obstetrician” would have attempted to do what Dr. St. Julian did.

Attorneys for Dr. St. Julian rejected the medical examiner’s conclusion that the injuries to the baby’s neck occurred before death, arguing that the infant was already dead before sustaining the injuries.

In a September court filing, St. Julian’s attorney, Scott Bailey, argued that she used “every maneuver a reasonable obstetrician would have employed” for a baby whose shoulder got trapped. Bailey asserted that the trauma to Treveon Jr.’s neck and head occurred post-mortem when the doctor delivered him by cesarean to save Ross’s life.

Southern Regional Medical Center also said the child died in utero.

In a statement last August, the hospital denied wrongdoing in the baby’s death and said the child died before he was decapitated during delivery. The hospital also noted that it voluntarily reported the death to the medical examiner and cooperated with the investigation.

In a November court filing, Southern Regional also denied any negligence in the case.

In an email statement to the Associated Press, Clayton Police Maj. Frank Thomas said the case was still under investigation.

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