Host of Young Turks Declares Fetterman a Phony

( — Progressive podcaster Cenk Uygur went off on Senator John Fetterman last weekend, calling him a “fraud” in light of the Pennsylvania Democrat’s recent comments about Israel and Harvard, Mediaite reported.

In a recent interview with Semafor reporter David Weigel, Fetterman was asked about his support for Israel. The senator described Israel as “a beacon” of progressive ideals and American values “that you want to see.”

Fetterman said that given Israel’s special relationship with the United States, he couldn’t understand why any lawmaker would vote against funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system or seek to “harm Israeli businesses or the nation” by supporting the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The senator also blasted Harvard University, his alma mater, telling Weigel that while Harvard was “always a little pinko,” it is unrecognizable to him today.

When asked what had changed for him since supporting progressive Bernie Sanders in 2016, Fetterman said the progressive movement that pushed for a higher minimum wage and universal healthcare had been “hijacked to such a weird, extreme place.”

For those complaining that he was no longer a progressive, Fetterman said he made it clear even before the 2022 primary that he was no longer a progressive. He said the progressive beliefs he once held “have now become political boilerplate.”

Fetterman’s interview did not sit well with Cenk Uygur, the host of the podcast The Young Turks.

The committed progressive Democrat blasted Fetterman in a tweet on Saturday for rejecting progressivism and calling Harvard “pinko.” He said the reason “people lose hope” is due to “frauds like Fetterman.” Uygur added that once progressives are elected, they “instantly” turn into Republicans.

In a follow-up tweet, Uygur suggested that someone should conduct a poll to measure voter approval for Fetterman in Pennsylvania, predicting that it would show his support declining “significantly” now that he has become a “cheerleader for the establishment” and a “supporter of killing innocent Palestinians.”

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