‘How Embarrassing Would That Be?’: Harris Faulkner Wonders Whether Biden Would Even Make It

(PatriotWise.com)- As the White House and Joe Biden continue to assert that the old man will be running for reelection in 2024, Fox News host Harris Faulkner isn’t entirely sure Biden could survive a primary challenge.

During Thursday’s “Outnumbered,” Faulkner and her cohosts discussed the challenges facing Democrats going into the 2024 election especially if Joe Biden’s polling remains as abysmal as it is now.

Last Wednesday, a poll from Morning Consult revealed that 58 percent of respondents don’t want Joe Biden to seek reelection, including a staggering 67 percent of Independents.

In discussing the poll, cohost Kayleigh McEneny pointed out that only 60 percent of Democrats want Joe to run again in 2024. Cohost Emily Compagno remarked that those aren’t entirely reassuring numbers from Joe’s party.

Guest-cohost former Republican Congressman Sean Duffy said if Biden wanted to run again, he will no matter what the polling says. Duffy added that the larger problems for the Democrats are their lack of a cohesive message and lack of unity. Duffy doesn’t believe those problems are going away before 2024.

McEneny added that the bad press about Biden isn’t just coming from the right. Even outlets like the New York Times are beginning to raise doubts about Biden’s fitness for office.

Harris Faulkner agreed, adding that the media’s honest assessment of Biden “is as rare as a unicorn in a sweater vest.” But Faulkner added, Biden’s problems are bigger than that. Faulkner said if Biden does run again, he could be facing a primary battle for the nomination. And if the sitting president fails to win the primaries, “how embarrassing would that be?”

There’s also the issue of whether Joe would run again with Kamala Harris, Faulkner added. Will Biden kick Kamala off the ticket in favor of someone like Buttigieg? Faulkner said there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Faulkner concluded by suggesting the Democrats still might have time to turn things around before the 2024 primary season. But the question is, will they have “the intestinal fortitude” to make the changes necessary to do that.