How Joe Rogan Smokes Weed Without Consequences

( Joe Rogan isn’t afraid to light up a joint during his podcast episodes, but a new Reddit thread has fans wondering how he gets away with it in Texas, where marijuana is still illegal.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, boxing icon Mike Tyson, and musician Wiz Khalifa are Rogan’s noteworthy smoking companions who have joined him on The Joe Rogan Experience.

In a recent piece, Reginald Reffer of Cannibis.Net outlined the circumstances behind Rogan’s possible unlawful activities.

Refer has wondered how, in Texas’s great nation, where cannabis is legally outlawed, Joe (who has rubbed shoulders with the governor) manages to smoke on his podcast without any consequences?

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas seemed undeterred by a recent survey that showed a majority of Texans support marijuana legalization. Although 83 percent of Texas voters support legalization, Abbott, who is against it, has endorsed the need to reduce the criminal punishment for possession instead.

Cities in Texas, including Dallas, have attempted to limit the number of arrests for the drug. Rogan, who is now a resident of Austin, Texas, is permitted to consume his beloved plant. While marijuana is still illegal in other parts of the state, Austin has decriminalized small quantities in the previous two years. Rogan would only face prosecution if he put others at risk while using the drug or had more than 2 ounces at once.

The city of Austin recently passed a municipal referendum proposal decriminalizing marijuana and prohibiting no-knock warrants inside city bounds.

While this is excellent news for Rogan and his team, he had already benefitted from the city’s attitude to the plant when he initially moved to Texas in 2020.

In July 2020, the Austin Police Department decriminalized marijuana as a misdemeanor. It stated that they would no longer arrest or ticket anyone with a minor quantity unless their safety were in jeopardy.

In recent polls, marijuana legalization has a higher approval rating than the governor, with 83 percent and 47 percent.

Abbott will run for re-election against former U.S. Representative and pro-legalization activist Beto O’Rourke later this year.