How to Preserve Family Values in Modern Society

How to Preserve Family Values in Modern Society

( – People often talk about traditional values and the importance of the family in society. These terms are so common they have started to lose meaning to an extent. It’s easy to lose sight of what core family values are, especially in a society where so many people are keen to abandon them.

So, what does it mean to preserve family values in 2020?

The Nuclear Family

A nuclear family is one with a pair of adults (generally a married couple) and their dependent children. While nuclear families were the norm in years gone by, they are less prevalent nowadays.

While divorce rates are dropping, they remain high. As well, the number of children being born to unmarried parents is steadily climbing. These factors mean children now are more likely to grow up with an absentee parent.

Social scientists have found nuclear families are the most stable and reliable platform upon which to raise a child. Single-parent and other nontraditional family units can be successful, but the odds are stacked against them.

The Pro-Life Movement

This has become one of the most contentious aspects of the discussion around family values. It’s difficult to say whether opposition to abortion is a family value in 2020. Many Americans would describe themselves as family-oriented while also supporting the right to choose. The pro-life lobby would argue it is impossible to support the right to terminate fetuses and also hold family values, however.

Values Learned Within the Family Unit

Family values don’t necessarily have to relate to our relationship with our relatives. Instead, they can be values we learn from our parents and other family members, and subsequently pass on to our children.

An example of such a value might be selflessness. As humans, we all have the instinct to self-preserve. Our parents usually try to encourage this tendency out of us at a young age, as learning to share and cooperate with others is a key life skill.

Another such value is respect for authority. Again, it’s not something we have naturally, but something our families teach us so we might participate properly in society.

The concept of family values is not a well-defined one. Not all parents instill the same values in their children, and different families can prioritize different things while remaining happy and healthy. Therefore, it’s probably best to take a broad view when discussing the preservation of family values rather than getting bogged down in specifics.

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