Humans Rights Group Reveals Cuba Has Arrested 30,000 People For Political Reason

( Here’s another thing to add to the list of reasons why socialism sucks: a human rights organization just revealed that the communist regime of Cuba has executed more than 30,0000 arbitrary arrests in just five years.

According to the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH), which testified before the United Nations last Thursday, the small island’s authoritarian communist regime regularly arrests people for arbitrary or political reasons.

Most of the arrests, according to the non-governmental group, involve journalists and activists who oppose the communist regime. Individuals who publicly opposed the Castro regime were also arrested.

Many of those arrested also never received any charges, and were repeatedly arrested to the point where it became harassment. The organization also described how arrests were often violent, with countless cases of police brutality.

While arbitrary arrest is a good tactic to stop people from dissenting, it also has another purpose. The Castro regime arbitrarily arrests people without charging them as a way to keep the official number of political prisoners low. The biggest opponents of the regime are charged and sent to prison, and they count I the official numbers – but for the rest, their life is mad hell without being sent to prison.

The organization described how members of an anti-Castro organization known as the “Ladies in White” have been arrested every single week for several months, but never charged with a crime.

Is Senator Bernie Sanders reading this?

Evidence of these horrific arrests was given to the United Nations Human Rights Council, which Cuba is – hilariously – a member of.