Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer To Assist In New Investigation Involving Corruption

( Despite widespread concern about Hunter Biden’s plan to sell his bad artwork at a New York art show this year for prices reaching $500,000, the Biden family is going ahead with the plan. The son of the president, who has no experience as an artist, announced earlier this year that he would be working with notorious New York art dealer Georges Berges to sell his art to anonymous investors.

Rep. James Comer, a Republican congressman representing Kentucky, is fighting back against this madness, demanding that Biden’s art dealer Berges cooperate with an investigation into “undue White house influence” over the scheme.

In a letter to Berges, Comer explains how it is the responsibility of the House Oversight Committee – of which he is a ranking member – to scrutinize the business activities of Hunter Biden as he chose to “conduct them in the murkiest and corrupt corners of international affairs.”

Even though the investors are expected to remain anonymous, Hunter Biden has admitted that he plans to attend a private viewing at the gallery where he is likely to meet the people planning on buying his artwork.

It is believed that by selling the artwork for such inexplicably high prices, the scheme might actually be a scheme to sell influence to the Biden administration.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Hunter Biden worked with his father to make money off his influence.

In the letter to the art dealer, Comer said that Biden has chosen to “sell commodities of fluid and opaque value to anonymous benefactors” and that he has even publicly acknowledged that it is a “hell of a lot easier to get noticed” as an artist by having such a famous father.

Given that Hunter Biden has this connection to the White House, along with his network of foreign business associates, Comer said that Berges’ dealings with Hunter Biden “must be subject to the same scrutiny.”

This will be interesting.