Hypocrisy: Nasty Pelosi FAT SHAMES President Trump

(FreedomJournal.org)- Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi consistently disobeys the rules made by the hard-left socialists and “progressives” in her party, and she never gets called out for it because she’s insulting the president. During a CNN interview, Pelosi once again “fat shamed” President Trump in a personal attack that completely detracts from the fact that she has no legitimate criticism of the president.

Pelosi mocked the president’s “big frame” during a CNN interview about the funeral of late Rep. John Lewis. Discussing the fact that President Trump recently criticized former President Barack Obama for turning the funeral into a political rally, Pelosi ripped into the president’s weight.

“I don’t intend to come on one of these shows and talk about the, shall we say, wanderings of and the notion maundering of the president of the United States,” Pelosi started. “He succeeds because all we do is talk about it. So, why are we talking about this?”

Pelosi then couldn’t help herself…

“You would think that there would be an ounce in that big frame of decency to say something about the importance of voting in our democracy instead of criticizing somebody else’s eulogy,” she said.

President Trump’s comments were perfectly legitimate. Former President Obama used the speech to encourage people to register to vote…and to vote for the Democrats. What’s wrong with criticizing that? And isn’t it worse to criticize an opponent for being overweight? I thought that’s what Democrats and progressives stood against!

This isn’t the first time Pelosi has said this about Trump, and she’s even mocked Attorney General William Barr for his size too. She really loves fat shaming!

Last week, Pelosi said that Barr was “like a blob.”

Remember how the Democrats lost their mind because he said Hillary Clinton was a “nasty woman”? And can you imagine how angry they would be if he called a Democratic politician fat?