If Liz Cheney Runs As An Independent, Trump Will Win

(PatriotWise.com)- A recent survey indicates that in the hypothetical event of a three-way contest between the current president, former President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who was recently defeated, would only assist former President Trump beat the current president.

According to a poll by Yahoo News and YouGov, if Cheney were to run for president as an independent candidate, she would merely take support away from Biden.

According to the national poll results, Joe Biden has the backing of 42 percent of respondents, which is three points higher than Donald Trump’s 39 percent. Twenty percent of respondents expressed uncertainty.

But if Cheney stood for election as an independent candidate, Trump would cruise to a comfortable victory against Biden by a margin of eight points.

According to the poll results, Donald Trump has the backing of 37 percent of respondents, while Cheney has the support of 11 percent. The survey found that 23 percent of respondents were unsure.

Since Cheney’s primary rival in Wyoming defeated her by an overwhelming margin, she has fuelled discussion about the possibility of running for president in 2024.

In an interview the morning after she had been defeated in the primary election, she stated that it’s a decision that she’s going to make in the coming months, and she’s not going to make any announcements right away — but it is something that she is thinking about.

During her concession speech, Cheney said she would do “everything it takes” to defeat Trump in the 2024 presidential election, should he run for office.

But, the effect that Cheney’s presence on the election would have would result in independent voters abandoning support for Biden.
Without Cheney in the race, Biden receives support from 32 percent of respondents to the poll who identify as members of an independent political party. Since Cheney entered the campaign, independent voters only favor Biden with 18 percent.

The approval ratings for Cheney are likewise in the tank, with only 34% of people holding a favorable opinion of her while 38% have an unfavorable view of her. The study found that 29 percent of respondents were unsure.

Sixty-two percent of voters think that Joe Biden should not run for president in 2024, including forty percent of Democrats who have this opinion.

The survey of 1,563 persons was carried out across the country from August 18 to August 22.