Ilhan Omar Backs Possibility Of US Citizens Being Prosecuted In International Court

( Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of the Squad last week introduced a resolution holding Russian President Vladimir Putin “accountable” for the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine. However, Omar’s resolution would also subject American citizens to prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

Omar’s resolution calls on the United States to sign onto the Rome Statute, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court, which investigates war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocides.

According to the Congressional Research Service, any investigation into the United States or its citizens conducted by the International Criminal Court is illegal because the US is not part of the Rome Statute “and has not consented to the ICC’s jurisdiction.”

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Omar decries the fact that the US is “in the company” of Iran, Sudan, China, “and, yes, Russia” who have not signed onto “this bedrock of international law.”

The problem is, by joining the International Criminal Court, the United States would subject the country and its citizens to the international court’s jurisdiction. In short, the United States would cede its sovereignty to a foreign body.

As Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie pointed out on Twitter Wednesday, a foreign country, the United Nations, or any foreign organization is Constitutionally barred from holding jurisdiction over the United States and its citizens.

But this is precisely what Ilhan Omar wants. She wants this sovereign nation and its people subjugated to the International Criminal Court. This is what happens when you elect an anti-American with contempt for US sovereignty to the United States Congress.

In 2020, former President Donald Trump issued an executive order sanctioning ICC prosecutors and officials after the court approved investigations into US service members and intel officers in Afghanistan.

Unsurprisingly, a year ago, President Biden lifted the sanctions.