Ilhan Omar Getting Involved After “Ceasefire Violations” Leave Carnage And Wounded Victims

( During the Congressional recess in April, Democrat Congresswoman and Squad member Ilhan Omar managed to infuriate our ally India.

Omar, who always sides with terrorists, visited Pakistan last month. And during her visit, she traveled to the Pakistani side of the disputed region of Kashmir to accuse India of human rights violations.

In a press conference on April 20, a spokesman from India’s Ministry of External Affairs blasted Omar’s visit to Pakistan and called her trip to Kashmir “condemnable.”

Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi hammered Omar for visiting the region “illegally occupied by Pakistan,” saying it is one thing if Omar wants “to practice her narrow-minded politics at home.” But to violate India’s “territorial integrity and sovereignty” to visit Kashmir “is condemnable.”

India and Pakistan have engaged in three wars and several armed conflicts over Kashmir since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1947. The region is primarily governed by India, but both Pakistan and China control the remaining territory.

During her tour of the Pakistani side of the cease-fire line, Omar called on Congress and the White House to pay more attention to the long-running conflict in the region. She said the House Foreign Relations Committee, on which Omar inexplicably sits, would look into Pakistan’s allegations that Indian authorities have committed human rights violations in the region.

Before traveling to Kashmir for her lookie-loo, Omar met in Islamabad with Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbad Sharif, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, and President Arif Alvi, making the anti-Semitic socialist the first US official to meet with the newly installed Pakistani government that took power in mid-April after the no-confidence vote against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Foreign Minister Khar touted Ilhan Omar’s meeting, saying the Squaddie promised to “cement” ties between the United States and Pakistan.

Pakistan, which benefits from US aid, is an unreliable “ally” that has often stabbed the United States in the back – most notably by hiding the 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.