Investigators Confirm It Was A Hate Hoax

( In August the Autism Center at Emory University was a target of burglary and vandalism, including graffiti featuring racial slurs and swastikas.

Needless to say the media and all parties involved flew off the handle screeching about “hate crimes” and how such acts of racism and antisemitism are hurtful and painful, and will never be tolerated.

News reports at the time played up the fact that under Georgia’s new hate crime statute whoever did this could be prosecuted for a hate crime.

And on and on the hysterical responses went.

Police issued a warrant for a known white supremacist with a history with neo-Nazi groups …

Okay, just kidding.

A warrant was issued for a man named Roy Lee Gordon, Jr. Emory released a statement identifying Gordon as “a former part-time/temporary employee at Emory.”

It took a month for police to apprehend Gordon, and in all that time, Emory didn’t once mention that Roy Lee Gordon, Jr is black. They kept it all hidden – refusing to provide a copy of the police report, the arrest warrant, or even photos of the suspect.

And it wasn’t until after his arrest last week, that a photo of the man appeared in the press.

And here’s the kicker. Despite all the sturm und drang about how Gordon’s crime fits the new hate crime statute in Georgia, he hasn’t been charged with a hate crime, only second degree burglary.

The College Fix reported that they contacted Emory to find out why the school refused to identify the suspect as a black man. All the school told them was “Emory is unable to share personnel information and can’t speculate his intentions.”

Really? Well, they didn’t have a problem speculating about the suspect’s intentions before the suspect turned out to be a black man, did they?

Funny how that always happens.

Whenever a hoax hate crime happens, people trip all over themselves to get before news cameras to decry racism and hate. Then – whether it’s Jussie Smollett and his “Trump Country” Nigerians or Bubba Wallace and his garage pull or any of the other hoaxes – when the hate crime falls apart and it’s revealed that there was no white supremacist criminal, these same big mouths clam up.