Iowa Restaurant Introduces Caucus-Themed Dishes, Including “Meatball Ron”

( — A burger joint in Des Moines, Iowa, held a promotion ahead of the Monday caucuses featuring candidate-inspired menu items, USA Today reported.

The Des Moines Zombie Burger offered caucus-related menu items with dishes inspired by the Republican candidates running in Monday’s caucus. From Friday until Monday, Zombie Burger featured a sandwich each day named after one of the four Republicans running in the state’s first-in-the-nation 2024 caucus.

The restaurant kicked off the special on Friday with a dish in honor of the inevitable fourth-place finisher, Vivek Ramaswamy, called “Mom-Aswamy’s Spaghetti.” The dish featured a vegetarian meatball hamburger patty with fried spaghetti and mozzarella cheese, topped with marinara.

On Saturday, second-place finisher Ron DeSantis was honored with a “Meatball Ron” sandwich, a meatball hamburger patty with fried banana peppers, marinara, and a garlic bread bun.

As a shout-out to third-place finisher Nikki Haley on Sunday, Zombie Burger included a little dig at the former South Carolina governor for her Civil War gaffe. The sandwich, called “American History 101,” featured a hamburger with pimento cheese, pulled pork, bacon, and fried okra, topped with Carolina Gold.

On caucus day, Zombie Burger featured a sandwich honoring the eventual caucus winner Donald Trump called “Day One Dic-Tater.” The sandwich featured kielbasa with Flamin’ Hot Cheeto, Monterey Jack cheese, tater tots, and sauerkraut, all topped with Russian dressing.

The sandwiches sold for the inflated price of $15.99.

As a nod to President Joe Biden’s love of ice cream, Zombie Burger also featured a couple of Biden-inspired shakes to go with the caucus-inspired sandwiches.

Customers could choose the Sleepy Joe, a vanilla shake with chocolate chips and Sleepytime mint tea syrup. An optional spiked version was also available using menthol mint liqueur from Dr. McGillicuddy.

If vanilla didn’t float a customer’s boat, there was also the Dark Brandon shake made with chocolate ice cream featuring chocolate-chili sauce, Red Hots, and whipped cream. An optional jolt of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey was also available for an added price.

The shakes were available throughout the pre-caucus special for $9.00 (or $14 for the spiked shakes).

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