Iran Releases Report That U.S. Meddled In Their Elections

( On Tuesday, the Iranian government made a shocking accusation against the United States, claiming that their national presidential election was interfered with…somehow.

It followed a statement from the United States State Department on Monday that claimed the election Iran was not “free and fair,” describing it as a “pre-manufactured” election with a pre-determined winner. The U.S. governor added that it was essential for the Iranian people to have a free choice to decide their own political leaders.

The U.S. government was referring to the massive number of candidates in the election who were disqualified from running by Iran’s ruling theocracy. It means that many voters didn’t even have an opportunity to make their voice heard or choose a candidate who accurately represents their beliefs and interests.

Ebrahim Raisi won the election. He’s a hard-line Islamic cleric who has been sanctioned multiple times for violations of human rights, punishing and murdering dissenters in Iran who oppose the country’s strict Islamic theocracy. Raisi is also believed to be a possible successor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who really runs the country.

Following Raisi’s election, he announced that continued discussions with the United States over the Iran nuclear deal would come to an end once he assumes office in August, unless the United States commits to removing all sanctions placed on the country by the Trump administration first.

And it sounds like President Joe Biden is going to capitulate to that demand…

On Tuesday, Ali Rabei, a spokesperson for the Iranian government, said that the United States government’s claims that the election was not fair are an “interference” in their domestic affairs and “contrary to international law.”

The winner of the recent presidential election appeared at a press conference on Monday in which he rubbished calls from more than 150 human rights organizations and activists for further investigations into the death of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in 1988, which he is understood to have overseen.

How safe do you feel knowing that President Joe Biden is the man expected to negotiate with the most hard-line Iranian government ever?