Iranian President’s Bodyguards Seize Reporter’s Camera

During the same broadcast of “60 Minutes” that featured President Joe Biden, host Lesley Stahl did a sit-down interview in Tehran with Iran’s President Raisi.

And as the interview wrapped up, a member of Raisi’s staff blocked one of the cameramen who was shooting Stahl’s goodbyes with President Raisi while another cameraman had his cell phone confiscated by Raisi’s security for over two hours.

Remember when the Biden NSA spied on Tucker Carlson’s communications when he was arranging an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin last year?

Isn’t it odd that the NSA didn’t spy on Lesley Stahl or CBS News while they arranged a sit-down interview with the president of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism?

Instead, Stahl and her “60 Minutes” team were permitted to travel to Tehran and interview this guy.

Stahl even agreed to wear a hijab while she sat there and listened to Raisi refuse to admit that the Holocaust happened or that Israel has a right to exist.