Just in Time for Tax Season, IRS Announces 5,000 New Hires

Just in Time for Tax Season, IRS Announces 5,000 New Hires

(PatriotWise.com) – According to the Internal Revenue Service, tax season began on January 23. Americans’ tax returns will begin being processed from that date as long as there is sufficient IRS staff to help taxpayers.

Due to staff shortages, Americans have frequently found it difficult to contact the IRS in recent years. The IRS reported that it had hired 5,000 more employees to assist with phone and in-person inquiries.

Additionally, some Americans claimed pandemic stimulus payouts throughout the previous two tax seasons, making it more difficult for the IRS to respond to phone calls.

The IRS believes it now has enough personnel to address inquiries and complete tax returns.

According to Acting IRS Commissioner Doug O’Donnell, this filing season is the first to benefit from multi-year financing in the Inflation Reduction Act for the IRS and our country’s tax system.

O’Donnell said that, thanks to these added resources, taxpayers and tax professionals will see changes in many agency areas this year. Thousands of new employees have received training to assist customers and answer phones. After three challenging years, he said much work still needs to be done, but that the IRS anticipates improvements this tax season.

Prior to the beginning of this year’s tax season, Americans could already use the IRS e-filing systems. The IRS announced it will hold returns for its e-file system until January 23 for processing. For taxpayers with income less than $73,000 per year, using the IRS e-filing system is free.

However, ensuring you have all your tax records prepared is one reason you might want to delay filing. According to the IRS, the best approach to guarantee a prompt refund is to file a full tax return without the need for revisions.

The IRS advises filers to use direct deposit for the fastest tax refund. According to the IRS, most refunds will be given out within 21 days of filing their returns.

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