IRS Whistleblower Handcuffed From Pursuing Hunter Biden

( — In an interview with CBS News, the IRS agent who handled the majority of the evidence in the yearslong investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes said he “felt handcuffed” during the probe and was blocked from pursuing leads that might implicate Joe Biden, CBS News reported.

Joseph Ziegler is one of two IRS whistleblowers who testified before the House Ways and Means Committee in May, alleging that the Justice Department slow-walked and obstructed the five-year investigation into the president’s son.

Ziegler, whose identity was revealed before he testified at last Wednesday’s House hearing, worked alongside fellow IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. He revealed that the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden uncovered evidence supporting felony and misdemeanor tax charges against the president’s son.

In his testimony, Ziegler revealed that between 2014 and 2019, the Biden family raked in over $17 million in various multi-million-dollar payments from foreign nationals in Ukraine, China, and Romania. About half of that $17 million went to Hunter Biden.

Ziegler admitted that while he is a registered Democrat, he chose not to vote in the 2020 presidential election believing “it would be irresponsible” since he did not want to “show bias one way or the other.”

In his testimony, Ziegler also revealed that Hunter made improper business deductions for personal expenses, including paying for prostitutes, stays in an exclusive hotel in Hollywood, and college tuition for his children.

Ziegler said he drafted a memorandum in 2021 recommending prosecutors charge Hunter with multiple misdemeanor and felony tax charges. The following year, Ziegler’s team was informed that the prosecutors assigned to the case all recommended approving the charges.

However, US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss said there was resistance from some Justice Department officials who thought that a jury might be sympathetic to Hunter due to his drug addiction and the death of his brother Beau.

Ziegler told CBS News that what matters “at the end of the day” is whether all taxpayers are treated the same. He said in the case of Hunter Biden, he didn’t believe this was the case.

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