Islamist Hamas Warns that Annexation of Israel Is “Declaration Of War”

( Hamas, the Islamist body that governs Palestine, has warned Israeli leaders that going ahead with plans to expand Israel legal jurisdiction over parts of the West Bank would be a “declaration of war” against Palestinians. As if the Palestinians haven’t been bombing the crap out of Israel for years anyway.

“The resistance considers this decision to be a declaration of war upon the Palestinian people. The resistance will be the loyal and dutiful guard of the people throughout this war, acting in defense of our people, our land, and our holy shits,” Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida said.

Obeida is not just a spokesman for Hamas, but for Izz a-Din al-Qassam, the military wing of the Palestinian governing body. Obeida made the comments in a charged speech designed to create anger among Palestinians.

“We will make the enemy bite his fingers in remorse for this sinful decision,” he said, adding that the plan for annexation in Israel would be the “biggest theft of Palestinian land in decades.”

“And those who oppress will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned,” the Islamist said. “Resistance would ensure that the occupation would be removed from all the lands of historic Palestine.”

The annexation of Israel has been long discussed, and President Donald Trump and his advisors have yet to reach a decision on whether to support the move or not. It would give the Israeli government greater power over land that is historically Jewish, but which is claimed by radical Islamists in Palestine.

White House national security aides have yet to decide on the future of the state, and it has been reported that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is waiting for the United States to support the move before going ahead with the plans.

On Thursday, the White House confirmed that there will be continued consultations with officials from Israel as they try to come up with a plan that could be supported by President Trump, and which would fall in line with the Israel-Palestine peace deal that has already been unveiled by Trump.