Israel Attacks Leave Whopping 174 Dead After Gaza Attacked First

( Palestinian aggression towards Israel is as severe as ever, with news coming over the weekend that Israeli police were forced to shoot dead a Palestinian driver who rammed a car into a checkpoint and injured six officers.

The attack took place in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, where an ongoing court case is taking place that could see some people evicted from properties that they live in. Video footage shared by Reuters shows the vehicle being driven at a high speed into the Israeli roadblock in what appears to be a deliberate effort to hurt officers.

Officers at the block opened fire and killed the driver. The attack was praised by Abu Ubaida, a spokesperson for the Hamas Islamist organization that controls Palestine. Ubaida said it was a “heroic and daring operation.”

Violence continues to escalate in Israel as Islamists have bombarded the Jewish state with missiles over the last few weeks. Republicans have speculated that Hamas is effectively testing the waters to see whether newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden will side with Israel during the attacks – which, so far, he has done…tentatively.

Following the horrific attack, police used a mobile crane to erect concrete barriers at the entrance to the eviction site. It also blocked the entrance to the tomb of ancient Jewish high priest, Simon the Just.

Since Palestinians began the conflict with Israel, which included all the usual tactics of throwing rocks and missiles, as well as firing bombs and rockets at the Jewish state, Israel’s military has responded by firing back and killing some 174 Palestinians. The number comes from the Gaza Health Ministry and has prompted protests from left-wing activists throughout the United States and London.

Shouldn’t Israel have the right to defend itself from savages and terrorists?