Italy’s Lockdown Caused a 30% RISE In Divorce

( We’ve heard a lot about the expected mental health problems caused by extensive lockdown, and now we’re finally seeing the real-world impact. Italy has reported a 30% increase in divorce filings following the strict national lockdown measures that were put into place earlier this year. Forcing people to stay at home has created a mental health crisis and put huge numbers of marriages in jeopardy.

Corriere della Sera reported how marriage counselors have been hired in record numbers, offering their services via WhatsApp and Skype. The counselors have helped couples struggling with the stress of being at home together 24/7 and losing their income over the 67 days of lockdown.

Counselors told the media how people have started questioning their marriages because of minor things like squeezing toothpaste tubes form the middle and leaving dirty socks on the floor, to more serious things like secret phone calls. It has had a devastating impact on Italian couples and serves as a warning to American governors that implementing lockdown for several months longer could create a similar problem.

The shocking rise in marriage problems was the reason why the National Lawyers Council in Italy decided to let couples in some regions of the country to file divorces via email. Under the new system, the divorces can be filed online and a hearing can also be conducted via video chat between lawyers.

According to the Italian media, marriage therapist Annamaria Bernardini de Pace claims to have received at least sixty emails after the lockdown started, and after “phase 2” of the lockdown was initiated on May 4, she saw 12 couples she had worked with start filing for divorce.

“One client of mine kicked her husband out of the house, who had to go back and live with his mother,” she explained. “In the auto-certification, he wrote that he needed to take care of her because he was sick.”

Gian Ettore Gassini, the president of the Italian marriage counselors association, also said that marriages are falling apart as spouses begin discovering affairs.

“One husband hoped to get away with the excuse of the mile-long line at the supermarket. In reality he was visiting his lover who was also the next door neighbor,” he said. “And he sent another person to the supermarket in this place.”

However, the man in question was followed by his wife. When she discovered the affair, the couple called their counselor at 1 o’clock in the morning.

If this is what lockdown causes, then God help California!