It’s Art! – Michelle Obama Goes To “Nude” Art Event

( Michelle Obama shares one of the final moments with Ellen DeGeneres as the legendary talk show winds up the last season. Photographs showing the former first lady taking a life-drawing session with the talk show host are one of the highlights.
Michelle Obama will make her 11th appearance on Ellen on April 19, in one of the penultimate editions of the show.
Stills from the episode, which were posted before its airing, showed Ellen beaming as she spent time with one of the regulars on the program. They have become close friends over the years.
The two catch up on what’s been going on in their lives over the last year, and they discuss the Barack Obama Presidential Center.
The photographs, which were shot on March 7, show Ellen and Michelle cuddling as she wraps up her 11th visit on the talk show, which first aired in 2003.
Throughout 19 seasons, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has broadcast over 3,200 episodes and won 64 Daytime Emmy Awards.
The show’s final episode will air on Thursday, May 26, 2022. By the time the program closes in May, she’ll have appeared on it a dozen times.
Michelle and Ellen competed in a push-up challenge during Michelle’s first appearance on the show in 2012, with Ellen barely reaching 20 while the former First Lady pressed on.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show is ending following a workplace culture dispute where three producers were dismissed.
In an interview with Today, Ellen claimed she didn’t understand why the show, which aired for 19 years, was besieged by complaints of a terrible work atmosphere.

Ellen says she is still baffled by it. Something was going on there because it was so well-coordinated.

In an internal probe, the show’s producer, Warner Bros., discovered deficiencies relating to the show’s day-to-day administration.

The last episode will air on May 26 on NBC.