Jake Tapper Taped A Recent Show After Testing Positive For COVID

(PatriotWise.com)- According to a report in The Daily Beast’s “Confider” media newsletter, earlier this month, CNN’s Jake Tapper anchored his afternoon show “The Lead” even after testing positive for COVID, and some of his staff was furious about it.

On May 9, just before taping his show, Tapper tested positive for COVID. Rather than immediately go home and isolate himself, Tapper went ahead and did his show.

One staffer who spoke to The Daily Beast pointed out that Jake Tapper did this the same week “the country was mourning the millionth death” from COVID. What’s more, the US hitting the one million mark was a featured story on that day’s airing of “The Lead.”

Tapper’s at-home isolation began the following day. That evening, CNN’s Dana Bash acted as the fill-in host for Tapper. The next day, Tapper was back on “The Lead,” but this time was working from his home studio.

It all sounds a little scandalous, doesn’t it? After all, Jake Tapper was a COVID believer. How dare he host his program after testing positive for COVID.

But it turns out the complaining staffers were getting upset over nothing.

According to a CNN spokesperson, COVID testing is voluntary for those entering the CNN offices and mandatory for those entering studios. The spokesperson said Tapper followed CNN protocol to the letter. After he tested positive, Tapper notified CNN execs asking them what he should do. While he was in the building, Tapper double-masked and remained isolated. When it was time to do his May 9 show, instead of broadcasting from the regular studio, Tapper did his show alone in a “flash studio,” meaning he was in an enclosed room all by himself. Once his show wrapped up, Tapper went directly home.

The CNN spokesperson told The Daily Beast that every member of “The Lead” team had been notified in advance of Tapper’s positive COVID test during the May 9 pre-show call. The few CNN employees who had been in direct contact with Tapper before he tested positive were also notified of his positive test.

In short, the irate staffers made a mountain out of a molehill.