James O’Keefe Caught Twitter Giving “Verified” Status To Fake Accounts Promoting Korea

(PatriotWise.com)- On Tuesday, Twitter admitted just months after it had restarted its verification program that a number of fake accounts had been verified. Many of those accounts have since been permanently suspended from the platform.

Isn’t it amazing how Twitter has the manpower and the resources to verify fake accounts, but completely ignores the huge number of conservative accounts still remaining on the platform that have been mocked, parodied, and copied for years?

In May, Twitter finally relaunched the verification program that allows people to submit applications to receive a blue check. The platform closed it down several years ago to make it harder for certain kinds of people – conservatives – to receive the coveted blue check. However, under the new system, the platform has warned that only “notable” people will be given the badge from now on.

A Twitter spokesman revealed that they had “mistakenly” approved verification applications for small numbers of fake accounts but that those accounts have since had their badges removed and accounts suspended under their platform manipulation policy.

To be verified under the new system, an account must have been active within the last six months. Those who want to be verified will need to be notable in the world of government, companies, news outlets, journalism, entertainment, activism, sports and gambling, or generally be “influential.”

Twitter’s announcement that the accounts have since been removed hasn’t been received well by everybody. Breitbart, for instance, noted that Twitter only took action in deleting the spam accounts – which reportedly promoted North Korea – after some clever users pointed it out.

If Twitter can’t detect pro-North Korea spam, then how can it be trusted to make judgments about who should or should not be allowed to have a platform?