James O’Keefe Says He’s Suing CNN

(PatriotWise.com)- James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, announced this weekend that he’s taking a different approach to his permanent ban from Twitter — he’s suing CNN.

Talking on “Sunday Morning Futures” this weekend, O’Keefe said he’d be filing a defamation lawsuit against the liberal media company. He has already begun filing a lawsuit against Twitter, too, for defamation.

Twitter said it removed O’Keefe from their platform because he was operating fake accounts. He has denied doing so, though. O’Keefe was ultimately removed after he exposed CNN on Twitter for manipulating political events.

As O’Keefe explained:

“There are people on Twitter who are impersonating me who still remain on Twitter. I will depose [Jack Dorsey] under oath … And tomorrow, I will see CNN.”

The basis for O’Keefe’s suit against CNN are comments made on air by anchor Ana Cabrera. She said that Twitter banned Project Veritas from their platform because they were spreading disinformation.

In response, O’Keefe said:

“Not even Twitter alleges that I was banned, or Project Veritas was banned, for disinformation. Every day in this country, people are defamed and lied about constantly, and they don’t have the will, the money, the resources to fight back. So, Veritas is going to be the tip of that spear.”

O’Keefe said Project Veritas has the ability to sue both CNN and Twitter on the grounds of libel lawsuits. He said it should be an easy win for them once he supplies video evidence to back up his claims.

O’Keefe also proclaimed that Project Veritas has yet to lose a lawsuit in the company’s history. He said:

“We don’t settle. We fight all the way to a jury verdict, and we’ve never lost.

“We want to depose Jack Dorsey under oath. We want to put these people through depositions to understand exactly what was going through their minds when they maliciously lied about me, saying I operate fake accounts.”

This is certainly a different approach that Project Veritas is taking compared to others who have been banned by Twitter and other social media companies. Instead of going on media channels and other social media platforms to complain, Project Veritas is taking it directly to these companies, and hoping to force them to explain their decisions under oath.

Project Veritas has been recently categorized as a far-right activist group, only because they’ve worked to discredit various progressive politicians and mainstream media companies.

Liberals have accused the company of using deceptive practices such as editing videos that they’ve secretly recorded to damage the reputations of those people it has targeted.

A Forbes report recently showed that Project Veritas released months’ worth of leaked audio that came from corporate meetings at CNN. The tapes recorded an “apparent CNN staffer” who stated the media company deliberately tried to undermine former President Donald Trump as well as his supporters and allies.

According to the official complaint filed against Twitter:

“The false accusation that Mr. O’Keefe operated ‘fake accounts’ is particularly damaging for Mr. O’Keefe because Mr. O’Keefe is a journalist. As such, his reputation for transparency and accurate reporting is fundamental to his profession.”