Jamie Foxx Gives Medical Update After Hospitalization

(PatriotWise.com) — In a video posted on Instagram last week, actor Jamie Foxx finally addressed his recent hospitalization and debunked some of the wild conspiracy theories over his health, CBS News reported.

In May, Foxx’s daughter revealed that the 55-year-old actor had been rushed to the hospital in April after an unspecified “medical complication.”

Corinne Foxx posted the news on Instagram after another Instagram user incorrectly claimed that Foxx’s family was “preparing for the worst.”

In debunking the false claim, Corinne said her dad had been “out of the hospital for weeks” and was recuperating.

While the actor did not say in his Instagram video what caused his hospitalization, he did credit his sister and daughter and the “great medical people” with saving his life.

Foxx said he knows that many had been waiting for updates from him, but said he didn’t want anyone to see him “with tubes running out of me” while trying to “figure out” if he was going to survive.

At the same time, Foxx acknowledged that staying quiet led to many outlandish rumors being spread about his condition. He cited the rumor that he had gone blind and said, “as you can see, the eyes are working.”

He also debunked the rumor that his condition left him paralyzed.

Foxx said that he did go through “hell and back” and his “road to recovery had some potholes.”

He assured fans that he is ready and able to work and expressed his thanks to those who let him work.

The actor closed his video by saying that if he is seen out in public crying, it is only because his recovery has been so tough. He conceded that he had been very sick, but added that he now has his legs under him, “so you’re gonna see me out.”

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