Janet Yellen Says High Interest Rates Needed Amid Worries Of Waning Economy

(PatriotWise.com)- The Biden administration is already seeing massive inflation all over the country, and now the Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, is recommending that a new $4 trillion spending plan will be good for the country even as regular working Americans are being forced to pay more for goods and services while unemployment remains high.

During an interview with Bloomberg News on Sunday, Yellen said that spending unprecedented sums of money on a fake “infrastructure” plan would ultimately be good for the country even if there is a “slightly higher interest rate environment.”

She said that the treasury has been fighting of inflation that she believes is “too low” and interest rates that were equally “too low” for the past decade, adding that she wants to see the numbers “go back.”

Yellen said that if the massive $4 trillion spending deal goes through, then it “helps a little bit” to alleviate the issue. She said it’s a “good thing” for the economy if that happens.

So let’s get this straight…

Janet Yellen thinks that interest rates and inflation haven’t been high enough, despite the last four years setting records with high employment rates and a booming economy, and thinks that spending trillions of dollars and plunging America into even greater debt would be good for the economy?

That definitely sounds like a Biden policy.

Should former President Donald Trump successfully run for president in 2024, as is widely rumored, then he may have a plan to counter the massive spending proposed by Joe Biden – presuming that Biden successfully negotiates the multi-trillion-dollar deal with Republicans in the Senate.

Former President Trump said last week that China has caused so much trouble for the rest of the world and that if it turns out that the virus did originate from a laboratory in Wuhan, then Western nations should cancel their debt to China to pay for the damage caused.

That would cancel out roughly $1.1 trillion of American debt…but let’s hope that Biden doesn’t spend it in the first place.