January 6th Committee Subpoena Bernard Kerik Based on Incorrect Information

(PatriotWise.com)- The dopes on the January 6 select committee issued a subpoena to former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik based on the anti-Trump book “Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Not only was Kerik not mentioned in the book passage the subpoena cites, but he also wasn’t even in Washington DC at the time the committee claims he was.

Great work, team!

Earlier this month, the select committee subpoenaed Kirik and in its accompanying letter claimed to have “credible evidence” that, one day before the Capitol riot, Kerik attended a so-called “War Room” meeting in the Willard Hotel where Trump supporters plotted how to overturn the election.

The “credible evidence” was the book “Peril” and a couple of articles in the Washington Post.

Yeah, they’re that ridiculous.

In a breaking story on Monday, Just the News reported it contacted both Woodward and Costa who confirmed that they didn’t allege that Kerik was present in this “War Room” meeting at the Willard.

In their statement to Just the News, the authors said the page from “Peril” cited in Kerik’s subpoena makes no mention of Kerik “in any way.” “In fact,” they added, “he is not mentioned anywhere in our book.”

The January 6 Select Committee’s “investigators” must be very bad at their job.

If they were nominally qualified “investigators,” they would have discovered that Kerik was three hundred miles away in New York City on January 5. Just the News provided a pdf of Kerik’s EZPass records that prove he was nowhere near this supposed “War Room.”

Kerik left Washington DC on January 4 and didn’t return until the morning of January 6.

In their book, Costa and Woodward do recount this January 5 “War Room” meeting which they say included Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Steve Bannon.

On Monday, when Just the News attempted to get comments from select committee chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) or committee member Adam Schiff (D-CA), neither responded.

Finally, on Tuesday, the committee acknowledged that it made an error in the letter it sent to Kerik along with his subpoena. In a letter to Kerik’s lawyer, the select committee acknowledged the error, but added that they still believe Kerik has information that is “relevant to its inquiry.”